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“We’re hollow like the bottles that we drink”

“400 Lux” -Lorde, Pure Heroine I’ve developed a huge appreciation for this album and Lorde as an artist. Age aside, she points out issues with alcoholism. Something that’s been heavy on my mind over these past few months. In no way am I free of this criticism. Actually I am at the center of it. […]

Daily Dressings of an Introvert

Why is that the moment I come home from work, socializing, a date etc. that I feel relief? I come in, greet my family (yes, still living with the folks) and change into yoga pants and an over-size college t-shirt. Watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad. Catch up with my siblings. Read. Go to […]

Chances are, its been said.

Here’s a petty, semi-privileged rant – but with a purpose. Stay with me. I’ve got a mad-struggle with achieving originality with my writing. I’ve spent days, weeks and even months contemplating topics. Doing research and odds are (about 94% of the time) its been said. It’s the source of all my writing dry spells. Trust […]

An endless quest for consistency.

Yikes, over 20 days since my last post. I began this blog with the vision that I would be posting daily – gaining valuable followers and creating a page that shows the ways in which I can make my academic knowledge applicable and accessible. Instead, I have been thinking about it half-heartedly and finding less […]