Chances are, its been said.

Here’s a petty, semi-privileged rant – but with a purpose. Stay with me.

I’ve got a mad-struggle with achieving originality with my writing. I’ve spent days, weeks and even months contemplating topics. Doing research and odds are (about 94% of the time) its been said. It’s the source of all my writing dry spells. Trust me, I’ve got the drive to let my fingers roam the keyboard, but I sure as hell won’t press “publish post” if I think a majority of you like-minded readers have understood the point/argument/topic in the same way before.

This isn’t always a bad thing. It’s forced me to push boundaries and explore topics such as: the multi-facted devaluing of womyn’s military labor, the cross-section of abortion care and prenatal genetic testing, social constructions-not “biology”- making a (self)diagnosis of “PMS” a reality* and debunking the phrase “WAR ON WOMEN.”

Also, how many times can we drive home these heavily adopted arguments by many identifying “feminists”?

  1. SEX. I’m not gunna sit here and explain mine and point out my creation of a safe-space during my sexual encounters. Just know this, I’m having it in all its beautiful forms. I’m sticking up for what I want. Trusting my partners through communication. And its awesome.
  2. Rape Culture. Survivor and my story has been shared. My opinion on if you want to have an impact in preventing rape: Don’t rape and have open discussions with people in your life.
  3. Body Image/Types & Normative Beauty.
  4. Celebrity Scrutiny – She/He/They said etc etc.
  5. Women… elsewhere.

To name a few… Is anyone else just TIRED of this? Can we focus on deeper, underlying issues that cause shit like Miley Cyrus rather than Robin Thicke of be scrunitized for a VMA performance? Or, why everyone jumps on the “tolerance” and “diversity” train when events are publicized (e.g. Miss America) rather than when injustices are playing out in our everyday lives and in widely supported international actions? I’m going to go with this: It’s fucking uncomfortable. Pushing the envelope often leads to backlash before support.

For example, the club titled Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and its members were tormented when I went to high school. Awesome folks stuck it out. Now, my sister claims its the biggest club on campus and “everyone is in it.” Why? People pushed back. I define this as originality in social justice form. I’m just seeking it here, in this blog. At least until I pursue my PhD.

Until my next idea, readers.


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