An endless quest for consistency.

Yikes, over 20 days since my last post. I began this blog with the vision that I would be posting daily – gaining valuable followers and creating a page that shows the ways in which I can make my academic knowledge applicable and accessible. Instead, I have been thinking about it half-heartedly and finding less important things to take up my free time (try trashy reality tv shows and painting my nails).

Okay, so that’s done – I’ve owned up to how M.I.A. I have been. But SO WHAT? I don’t want to make a sweeping, vague statement but this blog can serve as a metaphor for my life. I spend a great deal of time planning, setting up, and envisioning “things” but when it comes to the action… DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN. Unless I have a supervisor, instructor or life-motivator setting a deadline, rubric or goal, respectively, I fall short. I have been socialized to work best with structure and to value projects that have tangible results – things to put on my resume, that will make me happy/fulfilled instantly, or that will help pay the bills.

This isn’t always bad. I have had great experiences with this mentality such as completing my undergraduate theses, internships, training to become a campus representative… so on and so on. Each have shaped me and, for what I believe, had made me a better person. However, I have no idea what would have been if I would have stuck with the “little things.”

So here’s to being consistent with this blog. HERE I GO.


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